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Garbage/Yard Waste Pickup

Garbage and Yard waste pickup up is on Friday. Yard waste (grass, shrub clippings, etc.) need to be put in front, on the parkway in paper bags, or containers no larger than 35 gallons. NO PLASTIC WILL BE PICKED UP! Tree branches or limbs 3 inches in diameter and smaller need to be cut into 3 foot lengths bundled and placed on the parkway for pickup. Branches larger than 3 inches in diameter are to be put in the alley.


Single family home: $54.75 for 3 months
Two Unit Building $109.50 for 3 months

Construction Material

Construction/Building material, tires or hazardous waste WILL NOT be picked up by the village. Call Allied Waste at (708) 345-7050 for disposal.

Recycling Center

Glass, plastic and paper recycling bins are located on 59th Street by the Municipal Garage.

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